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Have you read my latest book. Below are some of the reviews

"A story about love and loss told in a very heartfelt way. It also brings alive the backbiting and rivalry that goes on in staff rooms. A good read and I couldn't put it down"

"This is a story of two women coping after unexpectedly losing their men. However, for me the most intriguing thread went through the staff room. Can children really be taught life skills be such an awful bunch of spineless, weak, manipulated and frightened people? Can one frustrated, unhappy, machiavellian staff member plot against the colleagues, make their life a misery and get away with it for such a long time? I couldn't put the book down. It read like a thriller. Lots to discuss."

"What a wonderful book. So descriptive, I was there all the way. I became Anna, felt for her. Bring on the film!"

This short novel is a roller-coaster of emotions, as the main character Anna plunges to the depths and then rises out of despair arising from the grief of losing her husband. The story has a gritty reality about her dealing with the nastiness of colleagues in her school work setting, with an overlay of how she uses memories to overcome her own personal doubts. Well written, engaging, and doesn't suffer from over sentimentality, alongside thought provoking reflection. A great read – and ideal for book clubs!

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