About Me
I wanted to be a film star! Instead I became a teacher and for the last fourteen years of my long career was head of English and Drama at the Purcell School and used my acting skills in the classroom! I took early retirement in order to have time to concentrate on my writing but I am still in touch with many of my pupils.
I wrote my first poem when I was six. I remember it began, 'I love the moon, I love the stars', but I was first published at the age of ten with my poem, 'The Tramp' and received a visit from the Bishop of Winchester, who told me how much he enjoyed it. I remember how tall he was and how small I felt looking up to him. He was my first patron!
I have continued to write both poems and novels and my first book of poems, Juliet resulted in my becoming a freelance writer for the BBC. Many of my poems were broadcast and a programme entitled, The Tale of Three Daughters featured me and my poetry. I try to give voice to private moments, to thoughts and feelings that often remain hidden. More than anything I want my poetry to speak for others as I understand that I am not alone in my experiences of life's darkness and its wonderful shafts of sunlight.
I had three daughters but two, Juliet and Victoria, died with Cystic Fibrosis. My eldest daughter Catherine lives in Camden with Philip, Harrison and Juliet. I dedicate my poetry to Catherine who has had to live with the pain of being the one who survived. In, It’s not what I wanted, though. Dearest Jack' tries to express some of the conflicting emotions of survivors.
My latest work a novel, Lights on Dark Water, explores the inner fears with which we all have to battle and tries to unravel the conflicting emotions of Anna whose husband leaves her suddenly.
I write, I keep chickens on my allotment , I play bridge badly and I have wonderful family and friends who have supported and put up with me all these years!